Success Stories

The global crisis in the tech industry, manifested in massive layoffs among giant companies, will have relatively little impact on the local IT landscape. This is the conclusion of the ANIS Sentiment Survey - a survey conducted for the first time by ANIS at member companies between January and February 2023. Following the ANIS Sentiment Survey, the association found that: - 65% of responding companies expect turnover growth in 2023. Only 4.8% expect a decrease in revenue, while 30.2% expect turnover to be similar to 2022. - 68.3% of companies expect to end 2023 with a larger team than in 2022, while 22.2% still do not know to what extent they will lay off or hire this year. Only 9.5% expect a reduction in the team in Romania. - 61.9% of respondents estimate that client investment in IT projects this year will increase, while 38.1% estimate a decrease at this level.