Established in 1998, ANIS is the only employers' association of the Romanian IT&C industry.

From the beginning, we aim to actively contribute to the development of the Romanian technology industry and to represent the interests of IT&C companies in the economic and political environment.

At the moment, our more than 160 member companies represent about 66% of the total Romanian IT industry.

We are members of Digital Europe and the Employers Confederation Concordia.

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Short Description

We act for the benefit of the Romanian technology sector and the members of the Association, in the following areas::

ADVOCACY – We represent the voice of IT&C companies and together we aim to contribute to the development of the Romanian technology industry. We strive for a stable and predictable economical environment and an efficient educational system, able to transform Romania into an European performance technology center.

EDUCATION AND TRAINING – The digital age requires digital skills and digitalized education. We are running projects sdesigned to develop the digital skills of young people in all forms of education: secondary, high school and university.

COMMUNITY – We are a strong communiy of companies and we represent the entire technological environment in Romania.

In ANIS Vision for Digital Romania 2025 you can find detailed the priorities of our public policy activities for the next period, on the following strategic directions:

  •  Financing
    – Actively supporting the development of high-tech startups through the model of mixed venture capital funds: governmental and private
    – Sustainable taxation of the digital economy
  • Market access
    – Development of integration standards
    – Digitization of companies
    – Global / regional expansion of software companies in Romania
  • Human resources and education
    – Integration to the European ecosystem

Public Affairs Agenda 2021:

  • We support the regulation of all types of electronic signatures in accordance with the European legislation (eIDAS Regulation no. 910/2014).
  • We encourage the implementation of a cloud-first policy and the development of the Government Cloud as an IT infrastructure.
  • We support public authorities to facilitate the process of introducing new electronic identity cards (CEI).
  • Remote video dentification:we continue discussions with the Romanian Digitalization Authority to harmonize national legislation with the eIDAS Regulation
  • Electronic archiving:we support the digitalization of public administration, by removing paper from the internal and inter-institutional flow.
  • Digital Education: we continue our efforts to include information technology classes, including programming, in the high school curriculum.


  • We are members of Digital Europe, Concordia Employers' Confederation, Coalition for the Development of Romania
  • We lead the IT&C Working Group both within Concordia and within the Coalition for the Development of Romania (RDC).
  • Members of the Board of the National Council for Digital Transformation (CNTD) led by the Authority for Digitization of Romania (ADR).
  • We collaborate with the Romanian Court of Accounts (RCC) to develop RCC's capacity, promote the ANIS public procurement guide and trainings for RCC 
  • We signed a protocol with the City Hall of Sector 2 in order to be able to carry out a pilot project on the use of the new electronic identity cards

Our efforts are focused to adapt the Romanian education system to the needs of a digital society and to permanently increase the competencies of exisiting specialists:


The ANIS Education Grants, is a project aimed to bridge the IT&C companies with the Academia and to support young professors in introducing new technologies and modern teaching methods in all Romanian universities curriculums.

Achievements of the first 3 editions:

  • 98 courses enrolled in the project
  • we reached 26 faculties from 8 cities
  • 33 grants awarded
  • 165,000 euro total amount of the grants
  • 3 collaborations concluded between companies and universities for R&D projects
    Anis Scholarships project brochure


The TechTalent Growth project code 464/3/12/128239) is a project financed by the European Social Fund (Human Capital Operational Programme) – providing free training course, in the following domains:

  • Dev Ops Programming Courses – Advanced Level 
  • Java Programming Courses – Advanced Level 
  •  DatabasesCourses – Advanced Level 
  • Web Design Courses – Advanced Level 
  • TrainingData Protection Officer Course – ANC certified course
    Tech Talent Growth Project Brochure


ISTQB & IREB certification courses and exams: Since 2007, over 8600 specialists have been trained by ANIS and certified in:

  • ISTQB Foundation Level
  • ISTQB Advanced Level: Test Manager/Test Analyst/Technical Test Analyst
  • ISTQB Agile Tester Extension
  • CMAP - Mobile App Testing
  • IREB *CPRE – Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering

Cyber Hygiene courses for non-IT staff: developed in partnership with the National CyberINT Center, within SRI, the course supports all organizations in their effort to ensure a secure online environment.
Brochure Courses CyberNetic Hygiene

We are a community of more than 160 companies with the goal to support them feel connected, represented and strong.


Knowledge Transfer: in partnerships with specialists we periodically organize seminars on topics of current interest free of charge for our members (MeetUps).


Business, financing and partnership opportunities: our close collaboration with Chambers of Commerce, the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, other associations and external partners generates business leads on technology projects, information on available financing solutions and possible partnerships.


During the "ANIS Gala" event our members together with government, ambassadors, members of Academia, meet and celebrate together the best industry performers of the previous year.
ANIS 2021 Gala Brochure


"ANIS Education Grants" Awards Galais the moment when we celebrate the achievements of the university education and we create the perfect ocassion for companies and academia to meet and lie the foundation for future collaborations in R&D projects.
Awards Gala 2020 Brochure


We pledge to build a solid community and to make our members feel connected, represented and strong! We promise to actively represent the interests of the Romanian IT&C companies, to contribute to the shift to a digital society, to increase the level of IT proficiency of all citizens and the quality of the educational system.

Principles and Values

Community – We believe that a strong community has the strength to generate changes throughout society. 

Digitalization – We believe that through digitalization and technology adoption in both public and private sectors, Romania has the unique chance to fill the existing gap it has compared to the developed countries.

Education – We believe in education as the main pillar of evolution and in the role of the educational system to bring together all the available resources in society.

Free market – We believe a market free from central government intervention will stimulate competition between economic actors and will generate efficient products at optimal prices for the benefit of citizens, public institutions and private companies.

Competition – We believe in competition as a mechanism to stimulate innovation. Open and transparent public and private procurement generates innovation and the development of a strong local ecosystem for services and technology providers.

Decentralization – We believe that central government intervention should focus on the development of technology infrastructure and a flexible legislative framework to encourage a strong local ecosystem of technology providers.

De-bureaucratisation – We believe in a simple and flexible legislative framework that allows rapid and agile adoption of the latest technologies.

Transparency – We provide transparency to our members and demand transparency from our dialogue partners.

ANIS in the News

10/12/2021 Start-Up.ro

Registration for the "IT Industry Excellence Awards" – 2022 edition

We have started the registrations for the "Excellence Awards of the IT Industry", the 2022 edition, which will be awarded in March, within the ANIS Gala. During the event, the most interesting projects of companies in the industry will be celebrated, and eight of them will be rewarded with distinctions and awards. Companies can register until February 11, 2022.

10/12/2021 StartUpCafe.ro

ANIS 2021 scholarships: 60,000 euros for 12 projects proposed by academics in the country

Twelve new innovative educational projects, carried out by young university professors from the largest universities in the country, were sponsored in 2021 through the ANIS Scholarships program. At this year's edition, 12 courses were selected, targeting technologies such as AI / ML, Big Data, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Health Tech, Tech for All. The total value of the scholarships is 60,000 euros, and each educational project will receive 5,000 euros.

09/12/2021 Capital

4 out of 10 orders of gift vouchers offered by companies to employees are ordered during the winter holidays

According to the analyses of Up Romania, the company that provides motivation tools for Romanian employees, the interest of employers to reward their teams at the end of the year has increased. Up Gift card requests doubled in 2021 compared to the previous year and an upward trend in their purchase is estimated.

23/11/2021 Financial Newspaper

Dan Sucu is the new president of the Concordia Employers' Confederation

Dan Sucu was appointed president of the Concordia Employers' Confederation, an organization that represents over 2,000 companies in Romania. Mihai Matei, president of ANIS (The Employers' Association of the Software and Services Industry), was also elected to the team of vice-presidents. Prior to the appointment of Dan Sucu to head the organization, the role of president was held by Steven van Groningen.

16/11/2021 Hotnews.ro

The IT sector can continue to be an engine of economic growth only in conditions of fiscal stability and predictability

The tax exemption has been the foundation of the growth of the IT sector in the last 20 years in Romania, and the elimination of tax incentives has the potential to intensify the imbalance in the IT market, where the phenomenon of tax avoidance through micro-enterprises is out of control by the state, warns ANIS, amid the NLP-PSD debates on the adjustment of the fiscal framework. Over 100,000 IT employees benefited from the tax exemption in 2020.

13/10/2021 Start-Up.ro

ANIS, partnership with TechVentures Bank: Banking solutions for tech companies

ANIS, the Employers' Association of the Software and Services Industry, concludes a strategic partnership with TechVentures Bank – the bank with Romanian capital that aims to become the first financial institution of this type dedicated to the IT&C industry, responding to the development needs of this market segment.

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