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It is an educational project through which, together with the sponsoring companies, we intend to explain in simple terms basic technological concepts and tools.

Technology has become a part of our daily lives, and digital transformation and its impact on everyone is taking place at a speed greater than society's capacity to adapt.

We have prepared a series of educational videos, which explain in about 2 minutes everything you need to know in order to be correctly informed about topics of general interest.

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The digital signature, what is it and how does it improve our lives?
Qualified Digital Signature

Frequently Asked Questions

The qualified signature can be bought from any authorized supplier at European level, regardless of which country it comes from.

In this list you will identify all european suppliers of reliable signature and you can purchase a digital signature certificate recognized in the EU from any of them, regardless of the country where the solution has registered. We recommend the following ANIS member companies: Namirial and Digidemat (Docusign supplier)

Costs vary depending on the type of qualified certificate (physical token or cloud version) and the duration of validity (1, 2 or 3 years).

Any electronic signature is valid, from simple to advanced and qualified.

However, there are certain legal provisions, such as Law 208/2021, which clearly requires that the signatures on an employment contract concluded in Romania be either both handwritten, or both electronic, signed with a qualified certificate.

According to the European regulations, which apply automatically in Romania, any state institution is obliged to accept a document signed with a qualified certificate.

However, the acceptance of documents signed with a simple or advanced digital signature is at the discretion of each institution.