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Exclusive and free participation at ANIS Meet-ups:information sessions and discussions on current and interesting topics organized together with the best specialists in the field. ANIS meet-ups are intended to help member companies in their work. The topics addressed can be found here

We offer free of charge  studies and reportson: annual IT industry studies, market studies, workforce studies, studies from various areas of technology, best practices.

We send monthly updates on both national and European legislative changes and legislative projects under debate.

Our close collaboration with Chambers of Commerce, the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, other associations and external partners generates business leads on technology projects, information on available financing solutions and possible partnerships.
This information is distributed undifferentiatedly to all our members.

Free promotion of member companies and their projects through our social media channels, website and dedicated media campaigns.

Free participation in the events organized by us, the ANIS Gala and the ANIS Education Grants Awards Gala through which we create a framework in which our members meet with representatives of the academic, political and administrative environment and can generate together future joint projects.

ANIS members receive 10% discount on our ISTQB courses and exams 

Discounts between 10% and 50% for the purchase of salary and benefit studies "IT&C Dashboard" conducted by Cteq and "Total Remuneration Study for Romania" conducted by Mercer Romania.

10% discount for attending the courses organized by Luxoft

10% discount when registering in the yacht competition "Regatta IT"

15% discount for participation in events organized by The Diplomat

Between 15% and 30% discount + free invitations to participate in conferences and partner events.

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Any IT&C company may become an ANIS member after completing the membership form and the payment of the membership fee.

By signing the ANIS membership form, companies assume the provisions of the ANIS Statute, our Code of Ethics and the Competition Rules and implicitly undertake to comply with them. The membership fee is determined based on the turnover generated by each company in the previous year. The membership fees are deductible expenses from the corporate tax, under the law of employers and in accordance with Article 21, para. 2. (a).m (b) of the Tax Code.

Please specify this fiscal deduction to your financial department.


The necessary documents can be accessed below:


Our members in the news

09/10/2023 stock exchange

SoftServe takes the lead on Generative AI and launches a dedicated research direction

SoftServe is launching a dedicated Generative AI (GenAI) research directorate, where a global team of specialists will experiment and develop solutions based on generative artificial intelligence. The goal of the new directorate is to accelerate the deployment of disruptive AI technologies, such as GenAI, in different domains and industries, helping businesses solve specific problems and implement these innovations in the real world. The global generative artificial intelligence market is estimated at $43 billion in 2023 and, according to analysts, will grow to $667 billion by 2030.

29/06/2023 Financial Newspaper

Orange funds with 800.000 euro the opening of a digital education hub in Romania

Orange is funding with 800,000 euros the opening in Romania of a digital education hub dedicated to several socio-professional categories - from teenagers passionate about technology and young people at the beginning of their professional path to adults who want a professional retraining with the help of digital skills. The centre is part of a network of digital centres through which the telecom company is committed to bridging the digital divide in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

21/06/2023 Financial Newspaper

Fintech fintech Finqware announces new €3 million funding round

Finqware has launched a new funding round with the objective of raising €3 million. Of this amount, the start-up has already secured €2 million in funding from an investment fund in Luxembourg. To complete its target, Finqware is returning to SeedBlink, where investors can buy shares with a value between €250,000 and €500,000.

09/05/2023 Financial Newspaper

SeedBlink opens the way for Romanian investors to start-ups in Italy and other countries

SeedBlink, a tech start-up investment platform, announces a partnership with Italian fintech Doorway whereby the two companies will recommend investment opportunities to each other, offering investors - both from Romania and abroad - access to investment rounds in hi-tech start-ups and scale-ups with high scaling potential, present in different markets.

20/03/2023 Financial Newspaper

Softelligence ended 2022 with revenues of €18.5 million

Softelligence, a provider specializing in the development and implementation of digital transformation solutions, mainly targeting the financial-banking and insurance industries, closed 2022 with a turnover of 18.5 million euros, recording a 33% increase compared to the previous year.

09/03/2023 Seedblink

SeedBlink launches Secondary Market, a service that gives investors faster access to liquidity

SeedBlink, the investment platform that supports the funding of European technology startups, is launching Secondary Market, a service that allows investors to access liquidity faster, rewriting the rules that have defined the industry for decades. In doing so, the Secondary Market will further reduce the barriers between individual investors and investment opportunities in start-ups.

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