Established in 1998, ANIS is the only employers' association of the Romanian IT&C industry.

Since its establishment, we actively contribute to the development of the Romanian technology industry and represent the interests of IT companies in the economic and political environment.

At the moment, at national level we represent 66% of the total Romanian IT industry.

We are members of Digital Europe and of the Concordia Employers' Confederation.

ANIS vision:
Digital Romania 2025

Short Description

We represent the voice of software and service companies and together we actively contribute to the development of the Romanian technology industry. We advocate for a stable and predictable economic environment and a high-performance educational system, able to transform Romania into a European technological center of performance.

Our activity is structured in working groups, whose purpose is to generate proposals for public policies and legislative measures in the following areas:

  • Digitization of the company and development of the IT industry
  • Taxation
  • Cybersecurity
  • Technological Education
  • Work

Within the working groups we have discussions and we take decisions through the broad consultation of the companies, we focus our efforts in identifying and representing their common points of view and interests, regardless of their size and profile, so we ensure that we represent at the economic and political level the priorities of the entire IT&C industry.

The working groups are made up of people with expertise in the respective fields, who analyze and propose development and improvement solutions in the sectors of interest, as a result of which are generated anis proposals for public policies and positions / reactions on topics of interest, as well as other types of projects relevant for companies.

Working group priorities:


  • Digitization of society:
    – Supporting the development of digital infrastructure in the public sector and the implementation of essential projects: policy to encourage the use of the cloud, the development and implementation of the government cloud, electronic signature and related topics of digital identity, electronic archiving, public procurement and eGovernment Strategy.
    – Large-scale digitization of the private environment in Romania
  •  Industry development:
    – Actively supporting the development of high-tech startups through the mixed venture capital funds model: governmental and private
    – Global / regional expansion of software companies in Romania

Coordinator: Edward Cretescu – Digidemat Romania

Sponsor: Alexandru Lapusan – Zitec


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We believe that the industry needs to act and react to tax policy proposals with an impact on the IT&C industry, in order to ensure the sustainable taxation of the digital economy


We intend to elaborate a set of public policy proposals that contribute to increasing the competitiveness of the IT sector both at national level and in the region.


Coordinator: Diana Sipos – ATOS IT Solutions and Services

Sponsor: Mihai Matei – President of ANIS, CEO of Essensys Software


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We believe that the extensive expertise of ANIS member companies specialized in cybersecurity can bring great value in the development of proposals and projects in the area of cyber security.


We support the development and implementation of public policies in the field of cyber security in accordance with national requirements, increasing the level of awareness of the population on cyber security risks, preventing the occurrence of vulnerabilities as well as adopting security requirements for software acquisitions.


Coordinator: Sergiu Zaharia – Deloitte Digital

Sponsor: Catalina Dodu – ATOS IT Solutions and Services


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We advocate for the adaptation of the education system to the needs of a digital society and we support policies with impact on the development of digital competences for both teachers and students in all forms of education:


  • paradigm shift in education and introduction of training programs for the development of digital skills
  • the use of digital tools in education
  • digitization of the education system

Coordinator: Ana-Maria Stancu – Bucharest Robots

Sponsor: Ion Moldoveanu – DB Global Technology


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As a representative employer of the software and services industry and members of the Concordia Employers' Confederation, we are part of the trilateral dialogue Government-Employers'-Unions. We aim to fight for a balanced and competitive labor market, a market that allows companies to retain and attract talent in the highly competitive regional and international context.


Coordinator: TBC

Sponsor: TBC


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Public presence:

  • We are active members of Digital Europe,the organization that represents the interests of European technology companies at the level of the European Parliament

  • We are members of the Coalition for the Development of Romania within which we coordinate the IT&C working group

  • We are present in the Board of the National Council for Digital Transformation (CNTD) led by the Authority for The Digitization of Romania (ADR).

  • We collaborate with the Romanian Court of Accounts (RCC) to develop the RCC's capacity, to promote the ANIS public procurement guide at the level of institutions and to organize trainings for RCC employees

  • We signed a protocol with the District 2 City Hall on the development of a pilot project on the use of new electronic identity cards

Documents and position papers

Address Ministry of Finance - Electronic InvoiceDigitalization & Dezv Industry - September 2022free download
Proposal amendment to the education law - Min. Of EducationTechnological Education - July 2022free download
Proposals for operationalization of R&D deductions - Invitation to dialogue M. Fin and MCDITaxation - July 2022free download
Answer Ministry of Finance - Fiscal ProposalsTaxation - June 2022free download
Address ministry of finance - Fiscal proposalsTaxation - April 2022free download
Protocol Romanian Orthodox Church - Education in Cyber SecurityTechnological Education - May 2022free download
Proposals for education measures - Invitation to dialogue Min. EducatieiTechnological Education - April 2022free download
E-Invoice Observations - Letter Min. FinanceDigitalization & Dezv Industry - April 2022free download
Government Cloud GEO - Anis Point of ViewDigitalization & Dezv Industry - March 2022free download
Government Cloud GEO - Anis/FIC/CPC common positionDigitalization & Dezv Industry - March 2022free download
Cloud Point of ViewDigitalization & Dezv Industry - February 2022free download
The Strategic Role of Cloud Services RegulationDigitalization & Dezv Industry - February 2022free download
Communiqué to the Government regarding the Digital TaxationTaxation - July 2021free download
Address regarding the National Program for the Digitalization of EducationTechnological Education - June 2021free download
Address of the Ministry regarding the Electronic Identity CardDigitalization & Dezv Industry - March 2021free download
Address of the Ministry regarding the Framework Plan of High School EducationTechnological Education - January 2021free download
ANIS position on PNRRDigitalization & Dezv Industry - December 2020free download
Position regarding the Electronic SignatureDigitalization & Dezv Industrie - October 2020free download
Proposals for the Digitalization Education Strategy 2021 - 2027Technological Education - October 2020free download
ADR Letter regarding the Government CloudDigitalization & Dezv Industrie - August 2020free download
ANIS proposals at Romania's negotiations in GenevaCybersecurity - July 2020free download

ANIS in the News

22/09/2022 Lumina newspaper

Don't click! Protect your computer. About malware and ransomware

Over 4 billion people use email for communication around the world. 300 billion emails are sent daily. More than half are harmless spam. But there are also messages that we should never open because they can contain a disguised malware. What is a malware, how much harm it does and how we can be cautious in our digital activity, we find out from the article published by The Light Newspaper.


Academics have 5 more days to register for the ANIS 2022 Scholarships

The fifth edition of the ANIS Scholarships program will offer sponsorships to 11 university courses and laboratories. The value of a sponsorship is 5,000 euros. This project is supported by Adobe Romania, Atos Romania, Deutsche Bank Global Technology, eMAG, Endava, Microsoft Romania, Softbinator Technologies, Zitec, Wipro. Deadline for registration: September 25, 2022.

15/09/2022 Lumina newspaper

Robots and the Internet of Things

How could robots be defined as simply as possible? We could say that they are artificially created equipment that takes data from the external environment and performs an action depending on what a series of sensors read. Their evolution, what they are used for and in what conditions they replace the human resource read in the article made with the support of Bucharest Promo Robots and published by The Lumina Newspaper.

06/09/2022 Lumina newspaper

Protecting online accounts

In an era of digital transformation, each of us begins to own more and more online accounts, both for important and recreational activities. We are talking in this case about personal and professional e-mail accounts, accounts on shopping sites, accounts on social networks, but also bank accounts or on the websites of public institutions. Each of these accounts is important to us, and their protection is not only the responsibility of the provider, who applies technical and organizational cyber security measures at its level, but also in our task, the users. What we can do, read in the article published by The Light Newspaper.

30/08/2022 Lumina newspaper

Confidentiality of data in the online environment. Protection of personal identity

Every day we spend time in the virtual space. We chat with family or friends, we look for recipes, we pay bills, we listen to music, we shop. Each action we perform in the online environment leaves a piece of our personal data on the websites we visit or in the mobile applications we use. The protection of personal identity, the confidentiality of data, the way in which the malevolent can realize our real identity must be a real concern. Here are some tips on how I can protect my data in the digital space.

23/08/2022 Lumina newspaper

Electronic signature, digital stamp for our documents

With the spectacular increase in the popularity of the Internet, becoming a common part of our lives, the risks associated with its use without a minimum of protection increase considerably in all environments and groups of informational education. Moreover, we currently have the need to digitize many of our activities, especially personal ones, and one of these new needs is the electronic signing of important documents, used either in the relationship with the state or in the relationship with private entities (banks, labor relations, etc.).

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